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Monday, July 21, 2008

signing "signs"

My Haiku Baby book signing last Saturday at Joseph-Beth was oh-so fun! The store even sold out of books! I think it's so funny to see signs and posters promoting my book around the stores. Ones with my head shot are especially silly to me because I am so NOT the celebrity.

I loved sitting in front of the fireplace to read my felt like home. I feel like I turned a corner and that I'm starting to really figure out how to relate to a younger audience and make the storytimes and readings a little more interactive. And Jeff helped me mock up an oversized book that really helped keep the kids attention...the little book is tough for reading to big groups.

I also passed out little birdie finger puppets (with feathery wings!) this time, and had the kids hold them up whenever they saw the bird show up in the book. It certainly helped to have the support of so many family and friends there too. It's so important to have cheerleaders in your life, and I think I have the best.

Maybe I had a little help from nature too. I saw this giant halo moon the night before, and I had to pull over and take some pictures of it because it was so amazing and it was such a haiku moment. In my head I was singing Jolie Holland's "Amen, there's a ring around the moon..." song. I felt like seeing the moon was the world's sign to me that all is well and the next day would go well (I get very nervous before these things). My friend Jenny's blog says it was "the full moon of the guru," which I guess means you're supposed to celebrate all the teachers in your life. I thought that was so fitting. In a way, Saturday was partly about paying homage to all those people that helped me on my path. I feel like sharing Haiku Baby with the world is my way of giving back everything people have given to me along the way. I think it was a "haiku moment" for all of us, not just for me, because I think there is a little bit of everyone special to me in this book.


coloredsock said...

oh wow, Betsy! sounds and looks like your book event was awesome! i bet the kids loved the finger puppets--do you have pics of the kids wearing them? i know what you mean about warming up more each time with the kids and groups. i think the more we do these, the more we'll feel comfortable and just be ourselves. i can also relate to feelings of your book being 'for' all the wonderful people in your life who've helped you. i don't know where i'd be without them! have fun with the continued book events! and wowee, that moon glimpse says so much. mmm.

Betsy Snyder said...

Jenny, you are too funny. I feel like you are my blog pen pal:) I wish I had gotten a photo of the kids with their finger puppets, but my husband was in the back taking pictures so we couldn't get that shot. Maybe next time.

coloredsock said...

hee. yes, blog type pals! i bet the finger puppets made you giggle while you read...seeing all these feathery birds boppin up and down over the the top of the crowd. it happened a lot while i was on my book visits that while i read the kids would cover up one eye and look at each other, tilting their heads, and gazing around the room. it was so funny. we made fashion patches (after i read) but now i think it would be more fun to give them patches beforehand to use, then decorate them after...thanks for the idea!

Bobbie Dacus said...

Congratulations on your book signing, Betsy! If I lived anywhere nearby I would have attended. Maybe you'll have a book signing in Dallas one day! Thanks for sharing all about it on your blog. Loved your pic of the moon.