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Friday, October 7, 2011

best fan mail EVER

Earlier this week I was working on finishing up a manuscript to send off to my editor, which is always a bit scary for me since I'm less confident about my writing than I am with my art. Isn't it funny (and wonderful) how affirmations seem to come your way just when you need them to? Perfect, unexpected little surprises that you need in a BIG way are the definition (at least in the unofficial Betsy dictionary) of my favorite word: serendipity.

So, I thought I'd share three-year-old Adler's heartwarming "fan mail" to me. I got this letter via her mom and dad's email. Dictation begins:
I love you, Betsy Snyder.
I love Sweet Dreams Lullaby. I like all the pages.
I have the same quilt from my Bubbe like the rabbit's.

How do you feel?
What books do you like?

I live in Pepper Pike.
I live in northeast Ohio, too.

From Adler
So, how could I resist? I immediately wrote back:
Please tell Adler:

Thank you, Adler Indiana.
I LOVE that you love my book!
I also have a quilt, one that my mother made for me. The bunny in the book looks like my pet bunny Lu-Lu.

I feel happy that you wrote me a letter. And I feel hungry because it's time for dinner.
I like books about animals and nature and friends the best.

I live in an old house.
I live in northeast Ohio, too!

From your book buddy Betsy
Thank you, Adler. This was just the motivation and reminder I needed.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

kindle surprise!

So, I got a fun surprise call from my friend Megan yesterday morning. She was all excited to tell me she saw my book Sweet Dreams Lullaby in the new Kindle Fire promo video on WHAT?!?!!!! WOO-HOO!!! I had no idea! Now that was fun news to get on a cold, rainy Saturday morning.

You can view the video here, or as an attachment below. Look for the book cover at 1:03 min. and 2 interior spreads at 1:15 min.