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Monday, September 21, 2009

happy anniversary, happy fall

Today it has been two years since Jeff and I said "I do!" Last Sunday night we celebrated our anniversary with a plated landscape dinner with wine pairings at Muddy Fork Farm in Wooster. The event was organized and catered by chef Ben Bebenroth and his company Spice of Life Catering Co., who also catered our wedding. Not only do we love Ben's talent for food, but we also love his creativity, vision and whole philosophy of "regional, seasonal and sustainable ingredients." Plus, all of his staff is so darn nice! Much of what we ate came fresh from this certified organic farm...I literally looked out into the field while we were eating one course and saw Ben foraging for more ingredients for an upcoming dish. How cool is that?! And, we got to talk to the farmers and hear their story, and they even ate with us. So, this was the perfect way to remember our wedding day, celebrate the summer bounty, and welcome in fall all at the same time.

Jeff and his dream chickens (he's always wanted a few chickens)

Our new chicken-friend.

Sipping on some sparking wine and sampling ripe raspberries off the bush...does it get any better?

Asparagus field that has gone to seed.

Tiny eggplant. Love that purple!

Diggin' for sweet potatoes.

Greenhouse...we ended up eating in one of these greenhouses since it did start to rain. But the pitter-patter of the raindrops on the plastic roof was so comforting and cozy.

This is originally where the tables were situated.

The tablescape was gorgeous! I have to say I really love the midwest in late summer and fall.

Wooden votive holders made from old barrels, gourds, squash, pumpkins, home-grown flowers, and drinking water from mason jars.

And wine pairings for each course. Cheers...may we have many, many more anniversaries and reasons to celebrate!