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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

have you ever tickled a tiger?

Yippee! Today's the official publish date for my new book with Random House, Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger? It's a baby/toddler touch-and-feel book where you can poke a penguin's soft tummy, kiss a walrus's tickly whiskers and scratch an armadillo's scaley back.

Also, I found out a few weeks ago that the book will also be in WalMart stores, which my editor explained is a good thing because that means 900 stores with a much smaller selection of books than your big national book store chains. So, the book will have a chance to be in a more prominent spot for a larger audience. And good book sales mean more new books coming from me, so fingers crossed everyone!

Also, this book is dedicated to my adorable, very ticklish 2-year-old niece Ava and to my favorite furry pet-friends. This is Ava's drawing using Photoshop and a drawing tablet, which she is surprisingly good at...when I asked her what she was drawing, she said, "A dinosaur!"