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Friday, November 4, 2011

fallin' in love....again

Every year it's the same. Summer winds down, and I get mopey about saying good-bye to warm weather. I hold on desperately to those last glorious, hot, sunny days. Bare feet. Freckled cheeks. Flowy skirts. Fresh-cut grass. Open windows. Cricket chirps. Firefly nights.

Then, whether I like it or not, fall settles in. And "Oh yeah!",  I remember how much I actually love fall and everything that comes with it. Cool, crisp skies. Low, golden sun. Earthy air. Crunchy hikes. Backyard bonfires. Distant drums of the high school band at half-time. Harvest time. Hay rides. Ohio apple-pickin'. Pumpkin patches. Halloweeeeen! Front-yard-maple red against patches of bright blue.

So today, as I do this time every year, I declare Fall as "my favorite and my best" (as Charlie and Lola would say). Always. Forever. That is, until I see the first snowflake...I'm fickle like that about my seasons.

Wishing all of you a leaf-crunchin', apple-munchin', fall-lovin' weekend.