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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

happy spring...aloha!

So, since today's officially the first day of spring, we still have snow on the ground in Ohio, and I know we're all craving sunshine, warmth, and green, I thought I'd post some images that give me hope that it's all right around the corner. Plus, my artist-friend Jenny Kostecki-Shaw just returned from her trip to Kauai and it made me want to go back and look at my honeymoon photos. So, enjoy this little mini-album from Kauai. Hope you can look out your window and see real flowers soon!

double rainbow at our beach cottage

plumeria, which became my most favorite flower...
they smell heavenly

taro fields

bamboo creaking in the wind


rainy sunrise

roadside fruit stand

silly chicken

jungle vines...this is the trailhead for the famous Kalalau Trail

Ke'e far as you can go the north shore...this is where the Na Pali coast starts.

Ke'e Beach

awhhhhh...toes in the water

palm tree dancing in the breeze

Ke'e Beach at sunset

a little hidden spot we found to watch the surfers

secret beach...our favorite spot

lava rocks

tide pools...see Jeff way down there?

more tide pools

a happy little cloud

we loved these wispy trees

the end!

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coloredsock said...

hey girl! good to find your email and blog now--oh-so fun to see all your kauai photos! i recognize almost all the spots you were at! ahh, the north coast was so awesome.

i didn't know you had started this blog so i'm off now to look thru and catch up on your life. hope you are well!