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Monday, February 15, 2010

they draw and cook

A few months ago my artist pal Salli had an idea for a fun project where a group of artist-types would illustrate a recipe of their choice and then we'd publish the collection in some way. Salli and her brother Nate, whose design studio is called Studio SSS, decided to start a new blog and post our recipes there. It's called My recipe is above. I just made it again last night and have kind of been perfecting it a bit...I prefer using unsalted butter and salting it myself. And if you are local to the Cleveland area, I like Ohio City Pasta ravioli (available at the West Side Market) the best...I actually use a mix of their butternut squash ravioli and their pumpkin mascarpone ravioli. It is super yummy!

Check out the other artists' recipes too! And there will be more popping up so check back often. If you are so inclined, you can even knock out your own illustrated recipe and ask them to post it. Info is on the site. Bon appetit!


coloredsock said...

YUM! i've been wanting to make butternut squash raviolli ever since a friend made it for us a couple years ago. thanks! and even more yum is your illo! love it!! can't wait to check out their new blog soon.

Betsy Snyder said...

Hey Jenny! I was thinking you should send in your chai recipe to post, and link it to your chai blog. Unless you're saving it for your book:)

boho girl said...

my husband and i found your book Haiku Baby in one of our fave old book stores by the sea last weekend. my 15 month old is in love with it. we are in love with it. your words, illustrations and spirit are so swoon worthy. ; )

my mother (grandmarmie) was so delighted by the cover of the book, she ordered a few more for us...Sweet Dreams Lullaby and Have you ever Tickled a Tiger. just got them in the mail. i am pouring over these pages, snuggled up on the couch while my son is napping, the thought came to me that i just need to tell you how attracted i am to your style. since i am a blogger myself, i figured you might be too, so i found you here. and i am telling you all this because if i were you, i would want to know.

so here is your warm fuzzy for the weekend. our family adores your work!

take gentle care,

boho girl said...

ps. she also ordered Don't Throw That Away and i just realized while flipping thru it that this too was illustrated by you. this one is perfect for our fam. xo

Betsy Snyder said...

Boho girl, you have made my day :) Thank you for your kind words. I SO appreciate it!