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Thursday, June 18, 2009

haiku by two interview

Alison at recently reviewed Haiku Baby, and also contacted me for an interview. How fun, my first interview! And don't you love the bird art on their web Alison herself! Alison and her friend Kelly co-write and manage this haiku-centered website together. I love hearing about "friend projects" like this.

So, if you're procrastinating on whatever it is you really SHOULD be doing (like I am), click here to check out the interview (below is just a quick screen-grab for eye candy).


coloredsock said...

YOU ROCK! i loved the review and especially your interview. so fun to hear about your process. it's the coolest idea for a baby book -- i LOVE it, as do all my mama friends. i think you should have a continued series of baby haiku books!!!

tmc said...

That was so cool! The review & the interview were really fun to read. Between these & seeing your books in the Chicago bookstore, it's been a very Haiku Baby-week for me! Oh, and the HB website is SO cool! It warmed my heart when I saw that Jeff worked on it! AAAnd congrats on the CCBC award!!! I hope the next book is also a haiku book!

Vela said...

Haiku Baby is my brand new little daughters favorite book. We read it every day. I am such a fan of your artwork, and I am delighted that Lila is enjoying it so much. Thank you for creating such a wonderful book to celebrate nature. Here is Lila 'reading' Haiku Baby: