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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

we heart books

Have you heard of It's a lovely little blog written by two moms in Australia that are super-passionate about kids' books. They set the site up to help people choose books for kids.

Anyway, I discovered their blog about a month ago–well, really, they discovered me. Lou (one of the moms) contacted me about featuring Haiku Baby in a new boutique bookstore that she and her blog partner were launching online. So, I just checked their blog yesterday, and their new store is now up and running–and lookie what's on their first homepage! So sweet of them to put my book front and center:)

And how's this for serendipity (one of my favorite words, by the way)? I was about to blog about this great children's book called Le Tour du Monde de Mouk by Marc Boutavant, who's been one of my most favorite illustrators for a few years now. His work kind of reminds me of a modern-day Richard Scarry. Well, I'd desperately wanted this book for a while, but couldn't track it down in the States. So, Jeff secretly found it online in Canada and gave it to me for my birthday in September. It's the coolest book, absolutely jam-packed with cute animal eye candy and even has a big page of vinyl cling stickers in the back. I LOVE it! Well, turns out that on the current homepage for the store, Haiku Baby is right next to the English version of this book, Around the World with Mouk. It's so funny that my little book has traveled around the world to Australia, and has found a spot right next to another book I'd been searching for. And such an honor to be right next to Marc Boutavant. I heart serendipity.


coloredsock said...

wow. i've never seen Marc Boutavant's art before. SO fun and gorgeous. i am a huge richard scarry fan, so i can relate! and the we heart books blog looks really great. i'll be watching it for sure. it's no wonder your book showed up on their site next to Marc's---your work and book are beautiful and they knew people would love it. and i just love Haiku Baby... and what a nice energy boost while you're working on your next book(s)!

Chickengirl said...

how funny! I just went to France and got Marc Boutavant's book too!! Been wanting the book for ages and its just hard to get it in the US. Its so fabulous, isn't it?

His work does remind me of a modern day Richard Scarry. I guess thats why I love his work so much.