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Friday, February 8, 2013

i haiku you trifecta post + recap

Thanks so much to Colby Sharp and John Schumacher for hosting a final I Haiku You "trifecta" blog posting today (plus who doesn't love that word?)! Their blogs (see #5 below) are super cool and you should check them out "just because."

Below is a recap of all the blog stops, starting with today's trifecta (which includes yet ANOTHER book giveaway!). Each post is unique and many features are written by me. Stop by to learn a little more about haiku, my bookmaking process and what it's like to be a children's book author-illustrator:
5th Stop: Nerdy Book Club, Watch. Connect. Read. (w/ book giveaway), Sharpread
4th Stop: Two Writing Teachers (w/ book giveaway)
3rd Stop: U.S. Kids (w/ book giveaway)
2nd Stop: Writing and Illustrating (w/ book giveaway)
1st Stop: The Children’s Book Review

And another big thanks to my publicity gal Johanna and the whole behind-the-scenes team at Random House that helped put this together! And lastly, thanks to my agency Painted Words and all my book buds (especially my crit group girls) that have supported my book and events and helped spread the word. It takes a village to sell a book!

A little birdie (or Betsy) also says you may want to take a peek at the New York Times Book Review this Sunday, Feb. 10. Sorry, the little birdie can't share anything more until Sunday.

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