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Friday, April 22, 2011

earth day award!


I have an exciting Earth Day announcement...Hoot Owl Hoot!, a cooperative board game I worked on for Peaceable Kingdom Press, has won a Dr. Toy Best Green Product award for 2011! The review shares, "Hoot Owl Hoot! is 100% Green. All materials - box and inside contents - are made with FSC papers and printed with soy-based inks. FSC means Forest Stewardship Council and that means ecologically responsible management of our world's forests. It's a game that is good for the planet and good for kids!" The cool thing is that the quality is so good that when I got my product samples, I didn't even realize the game was 100% green until I read about it on the box.

I was also impressed to read about how green the Peaceable Kingdom company is as a whole (but it doesn't surprise me because they are just nice people to work and I'm sure the earth thinks so too!). You can read more about the game and company's earth-friendly efforts here, and see some of the other products that share this year's award here.

Also, for every review of one of Peaceable Kingdom Press's cooperative board games, they will donate that game to a school/teacher. Email and tell them you wrote a review and provide the shipping details for the school. You can read about it on Peaceable Kingdom's facebook page.

Happy Earth Day!

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coloredsock said...

oh wow! that is SO cool, Betsy! awesome that it's 100% green and your design is really sweet. man, if PKP can do this, all toy companies should. i do think more and more are going this way, which is exciting. and thanks for the tip on the amazon review -- i'm passing it along to my sister's school. thanks for sharing!