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Monday, September 27, 2010

new mexico art and writing retreat

A week ago I got back from an intimate art and writing retreat near Taos, New Mexico. Jenny Kostecki-Shaw, an artist-author friend, began planning and organizing back in February, and on Sept. 16-20, we had the first retreat of which I hope will be many more. The location was perfect—right in Jenny's backyard, abundant with flowers, veggies, chickens and sunshine. 

Being a freelancer is so rewarding in many ways, but it can be quite solitary and time-demanding. To avoid burn-out, it's important to me to feel connected to others and stay inspired and passionate about what I do. Sometimes I forget I really need to get out of my comfort zone and mix things up. I expected to come back from the retreat somewhat creatively recharged, and of course, I did—but it was much more than that for me. I almost feel re-set as a person. For me, this workshop retreat wasn't so much about producing great creative stuff—it was more about needing to physically step out of my creative life for a few days and have a new experience. And it certainly helped to be surrounded by beautiful scenery, and most especially, 4 wonderfully talented women. It was an honor to be included and share ideas in this circle. I feel an awakened connection and a sense of belonging to other artists facing the same challenges that I struggle with, and knowing that I don't bear that alone gives me a new kind of strength that I will carry with me.

See lots of retreat and Santa Fe Folk Art Museum photos on my facebook page "Betsy Snyder Illustration"

And please check out the work of these very talented artists and authors (I know the inside scoop on what's in the pipeline for all of them and it is VERY exciting!):

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